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The Irondale Cafe  was the setting for the wonderful novel "Fried Green Tomatoes at the WhistleStop Cafe" by author Fannie Flagg. The McMichael family bought the Cafe in 1972 from Ms. Flagg's great Aunt Bess and owned it for 28 years taking the little cafe from a seating capacity of 32 seats to 260. We spent years serving good home cooking to friends and visitors from all over the world, and have worked on bringing these flavors to your kitchens with our delicious batters and seasonings.
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 Enjoy hundreds of great recipes with Sandi Mc as she creates fabulous meals with Good Home Cooking. This Blog is about food, family and fun. She includes her travels in the South – and all around the world.
Have fun with Sandi as she blogs in a ‘fun to read’style with Thousands of posts. She blogs for Cooking Light, in a monthly virtual supper club, as well as cooking through ‘The Essentials of Italian Cooking’ and ‘The Flavor Bible’ – blogging in Julie/Julia style. Day to day, you never know what's cookin' with Sandi at the WhistleStop Cafe Cooking Blog.

This site is fun and easy to browse. There is all kinds of information about the Cafe, its history, pictures, and other trivia. There are great recipes and cooking tips. Shopping is easy with our great food products, books, and specialty items available. All are easy to order via the Internet or call our Toll Free Number. We also have a fund raising program. We also have a fund raising program, as well as the WhistleStop Café Restaurant concept, authentic by heritage, which we are now marketing. You can take this wonderful concept, theme, and ambience under the WhistleStop Cafe Name to Customers nationwide.

Our delicious food products, marinades, and spices were developed from years of down home and delicious cooking tradition. We have received letters and phone calls from all over the country on how versatile, easy to use, and how delicious these products are. We published the Original WhistleStop Cafe Cookbook, with mom’s recipes. We also have Fannie Flagg’s Original WhistleStop Cafe Cookbook with which we lovingly helped. Her novels are also available in print and on audio tape. More new batters, seasonings and Cookbooks coming soon.

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